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What is a Custom Gobo?

A gobo is simply a stencil (usually metal) that a light shines through to project an image onto a surface. NPi Entertainment has a large inventory of gobos with popular shapes like snowflakes, stars, hearts, swirls, etc for themed events. At weddings, "custom" gobos designed with the letter of the newlyweds' last name or even their intials are very popular. For example, if the last name is "Smith," a giant "S" would be an option to shine on a wall or dance floor. Adding a gobo to your event is an inexpensive and create way to personalize (the interior or exterior) of your venue. The pictures below are two examples of a custom gobo light used by NPi Entertainment at Sapphire Creek Winery & Gardens. The first is the first letters of the couples' names using a yellow light. The second is the first letter of their last name in white. To learn more about our gobos and other lighting enhancements, please call Brad Petty at 216-514-5023 or message us here.


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