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The Last Dance

No, this isn’t a reference to the awesome Michael Jordon doc on ESPN or a morbid allusion to the coronavirus. We’re talking about the last song at your wedding. How do you want to remember the final moments of your amazing wedding?

You have a lot of options and different scenarios can play out. Here are a few:

1. End with a banger – Your DJ announces the last song while spinning an uptempo jam that your friends go wild to (Think Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix). Hands in the air, people sweating; it’s a scene straight out of a movie. Then the music ends, the venue’s lights pop on and sadly, it’s time to go. Everybody is revved up and will head off to the afterparty, where the party continues.

2. End with a sing-along – A perfect example of this would be (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing. Everybody knows the song and people freak out when it’s played at weddings. A couple will inevitably do the Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dance and everybody will love it. These types of songs will please a lot of your guests, but if you have some younger ones who want to hear more clubby music at the end, they may start chanting – “One more song!”

3. End with a slow dance – This will fill up the floor (even the old folks will get back up), but it can be a tricky move. Your party people may not want to end the night so calmly. If you choose to end with a sentimental slow song and time permits, you may want to let your DJ play one more song for the folks who want to end with a banger.

When deciding on your last song, think about the vibe it’s going to create and how your guests will respond. If you don’t care and just want to end with one of your favorite songs, then do it because it’s your day and you can anything you want to do. Remember, there are no rules with weddings anymore, so go with your gut and have fun!


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