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Meet the DJ - DJ White Rims (Darryl Dickenson)

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Photo Credit: Shawn Brewster

Today's Q+A is with one of our busiest DJs - Darryl Dickenson aka White Rims. Between DJing clubs, art shows and weddings, Darryl works on film & commercial production. Some of his past work can be found in films like My Friend Dahmer, Miss Meadows, and commercials with Nike and Lebron James.


How long have you been DJing? How did you get into it?

I’ve been DJing professionally since 2009, it’s kind of always been around me. My mom DJed parties and event during the 80’s & 90’s under the moniker Lady TNT, I developed my own sense of style much later, probably as I was coming of age making mixes for friends and finding myself drawn to the dance floor.

What’s your preferred DJ setup?

My preferred DJ setup would be (2) CDJ-2000 + DJM-900 + Traktor, however I use

the Traktor Kontrol S4 controller for mobility and ease of use hoping from club to club.

DJ White Rims working the Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS2s and Pioneer DJM-900NXS mixer

Your DJ name is White Rims … what’s the story behind that?

The story behind DJ White Rims is when I started playing out and getting booked more, I had these White framed glasses…..

Photo Credit: Jonathan Evan Duncan

Your name regularly pops up on a lot of different event listings and flyers. What type of events do you DJ? What are some styles of music that you play at them?

I tend to lean towards more intimate affairs, or niche events, which allows for more freedom and where I can go during my sets. I could, in an instance, go from playing a nu-disco track to an indie-house track to old school disco, then a classic house track and then into a Delta 5 track and no one [MGMT.] would really question, or tell me to change directions, so abruptly, just because they aren’t feeling a particular song choice which really makes for an inconsistent flow.

How would you describe your DJ style?

I tend to blend and beat match more often than not. I’m really big on working the numbers, starting around 100 bpm (beats per minute) then working to about 124-128 and then maybe back to 115 and then working up from there. I try not to exceed no more than 135 bpm.

Where’s your favorite place in Cleveland to DJ?

Lava Lounge in Tremont.

Favorite DJ memory?

Probably this past summer playing at a private residence for a Wedding with a couple I’d only been corresponding with via email and phone calls. The feeling of being sort of an outsider and the couple and family welcomed us into their day really encapsulating what we were doing.

Top 3 wedding dance floor fillers?

Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Prince – Kiss

Michael Jackson – Wanna Be Starting Something

Favorite track of 2018?

Pnau – Go Bang

You’re stuck on a desert island with only 1 record – what is it?

Jamiroquai’s 1996 hit album, “Travelling Without Moving.”


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