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10 Reasons to choose a DJ over an iPod.

Some budget conscious couples are choosing to make wedding playlists on their laptops or music players to use in place of a DJ. This seems like a simple way to save a few bucks, but it could make your wedding awkward for you and your guests. What if the device dies? What if your guests don't like your musical choices? Here are ten other reasons we suggest choosing a great DJ over a machine on one of the biggest days of your life.

A DJ will ...

- provide ceremony lavalier (lapel) mics and speakers so that your guests can clearly hear your vows.

- play a great song and announce your grand entrance at your reception.

- inform your guests of different events, like cake cutting, so that they don't miss photo opps.

- work with your caterer to send guests to the buffet or let them know when dinner will be served.

- walk a wireless mic over to person making a toast and make sure the sound levels are correct.

- ask the venue to dim the lights when its dancing time. They often will forget!

- play your first dance, father/daughter + mother/son songs so that a guest doesn’t have to.

- be able to take song requests (or limit them!).

- quickly change a song if it clears the dance floor (and play the right songs that won't).

- know when to change up the pace and play a slow song.

Bonus reason: DJs are trained in the art of making people get on the dance floor and stay there. They spend hours upon hours researching music, playing for eclectic crowds, buying the best gear and making sure that they sound great. Cutting costs sometimes makes sense, but not at the expense of a great party.


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