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10 Questions To Ask A Wedding DJ

When you find a DJ or DJ company that you're interested in using for your wedding, you need to have a conversation with them in order to determine if they are the best fit for you. This could be a quick call, email or meeting - but it's important that you communicate about more than just pricing. Here is a list of 10 very basic questions you should ask your DJ to make sure you don't end up with any problems on your wedding day. There are dozens of other topics you should go over too, but these will at least help weed out the bad DJs from the good ones.

1. Will you play our requests?

If the answer to this is anything but "yes," - find another DJ! Your DJ should be able to work the songs you love into your day at some point. The songs may be more fitting during cocktail hour, dinner or even during a slow dance, but there is always a time to play the music that you want.

2. Will you take requests from my guests?

This is something that you and your DJ should establish before the wedding. Some of our clients want specific music and certain songs avoided. Other couples want to allow their friends and family to feel comfortable asking for songs. There is no right answer to this question; but how the DJ handles requests can be a sign as to how easy they are to work with.

3. Tell us about your music library.

In 2019, "wedding music" is a lot different than "wedding music" 20 years ago. The music your parents danced to at their wedding might not be what you want at yours. It's important for a DJ to have a diverse and large catalogue of music from all decades and genres to please an eclectic dance floor. Ask your DJ about some newer music you like and you will quickly guage how current they are with their musical knowledge.

4. How do you prepare your music for a wedding?

At NPi, we use a questionnaire that each couple fills out and returns to us well before the wedding day. From that, we organize all of the music for the different elements of your day in our computer. During your ceremony or reception, we have everything at our finger tips and are ready to go, preventing any last minute searching for songs. Make sure your DJ has a system he/she uses and isn't trying to find songs on the fly.

5. Do you talk on a microphone during the reception?

Different DJs have different styles when using the mic. Often, when they aren't as technical with their mixing abilities, they will use it to transition between songs. At NPi, we DON"T DO THAT. Our DJs simply use the mic as a tool to keep the day moving from the introductions to the last song of the night. We use the microphone to introduce your loved ones, make announcements, help the caterer and announce open dance floor. We don't use it to tell jokes, do the hokey pokey or put the spotlight on the DJ.

6. What brand of equipment do you use?

Do you want your DJ to arrive with the Mercedes of audio and DJ equipment or the beat up KIA with a spare tire and a busted headlight? NPi Entertainment is a division of NPi Audio Visual Solutions - a premier A/V rental company in Cleveland. We ONLY use the best equipment at our events. Make sure your DJ has dependable and clean gear or you and your guests will definitely notice.

7. If something happens and you can't make the wedding, what is your backup plan?

You've heard the horror stories, a DJ or wedding vendor cancels a week before the reception. What's plan B? At NPi Entertainment, we have over 20 professional DJs on the roster, so we always have great backup options ready to go.

8. What will you wear?

Our DJs dress up for each wedding, but that doesn't mean all companies enforce a dress policy. Make sure you let your DJ know how you would like them to look.

9. When will you set up and how long will it take?

Your guests should not see the DJ setting up their equipment or doing a sound check. Make sure they plan to arrive and be done preparing before your guests arrive.

10. Do you have reviews that we can read?

The wedding DJ business is very referral based. If your DJ candidate has played many wedding and did a great job, there will be online reviews to prove it. We are proud of our 100% positive rating on The Knot!

Have other questions or concerns about choosing a wedding DJ? Feel free to contact us at 216-514-5023 or shoot our director an email at


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