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Aaron "Terkalerk" Terkel

Aaron "Terkalerk" Terkel learned the craft working with a career DJ in New York, and fondly remembers hauling speaker towers and crates of CDs to parties well into the mid-00's. After a decade of road gigs, morning radio shows, and overnight recording studio work, Terkmoved home to Cleveland, picked up two turntables of his own, and kept the tunes spinning.


Terkalerk draws influences from funk, soul, jazz, hip hop, R&B, and pop radio. His emcee style is unobtrusive. He remains refined on the mic, but holds command of the room. Find him behind the counter at Visible Voice Books in Tremont, behind the keyboards playing with bands around town, or behind the decks at your next event.

01. Years DJing: 11

02. #1 Dance Floor Filler: "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" - Whitney Houston

03. Guilty Pleasure(s): 90s booty music, Big Mucci line dances

04. Slow Jam: "Through the Fire" - Chaka Khan / "Nice n Slow" - Usher

05. Favorite Venue to DJ: Spice Acres

Residencies: Little Rose (Karaoke every first Saturday of the month), Sora (Karaoke every Thursday), Nautica Queen (Commander Bandmaster)

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