Revolution Brass Band

The Revolution Brass Band is an explosive 8 piece group founded in 2010 in the pubs of Cleveland, Ohio by Jacob Wynne and the late John Kuegeler. Their spark of inspiration stems from the New Orleans tradition of "second-lines" during the annual Mardi Gras festivities, filtered through an urban, 21st century sensibility. Each member of the group is solely dedicated to music, whether through performing, composing, teaching, recording or producing. The members of the group are adept at playing in situations ranging from swing dances to musical theater to avant-garde free-for-alls, with the occasional commercial recording session or symphony orchestra gig thrown into the mix.


A wide variety of influences color the band's repertoire. Key influences include the classic sounds of Motown, Stax and all of the great soul/R&B labels of yesteryear along with the likes of Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, Fela Kuti, the Rebirth Brass Band, Freddie Hubbard, Bob Dylan, Charles Mingus, antique American spirituals and folk songs, Ornette Coleman, Charles Ives, and many, many more.


In addition to performing unique arrangements from the canon of funk, soul and beyond, the Revolution Brass Band is also dedicated to performing original compositions written by members of the band. The intersection of these elements results in a unique sonic experience.