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Ayitha Ezhuthu Tamil Movie Download Torrent hazzagno




The film stars Ajith Kumar, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Amala. The story follows Jayalalithaa, a young woman who becomes the chief minister of Tamil Nadu after a political assassination in 1996, and the events that follow. The film also stars Kota Srinivasa Rao and Ooha. The music was composed by A. R. Rahman. Aayutha Ezhuthu was released on 2 October 2004. Its pre-release and launch were held on 9 and 10 April 2004. The film garnered mixed reviews from critics, with its production, screenplay, direction and narration being noted, though its action sequences and Ajith's acting being criticised. The film was a commercial success, with a record opening and becoming the first Indian film to gross more than five times its production cost. It was later remade in Telugu as Mayabazar (2005), in Hindi as Aar Dil Hai Mushkil (2006) and again in Telugu as Arundhati (2007). Contents The film begins with Jayalalithaa, a young woman, visiting her maternal uncle in the prison. She is told about the political assassination of her father Thirukkadai (who was assassinated in 1996 by order of Thiruvalluvar, an Islamist and former Tamil Nadu police chief in Sivakasi), as a result of which she became the leader of Tamil Nadu, replacing her mother (Jayalalithaa's mother died when Jayalalithaa was a teenager) in the party Amma Nammal. The police-governor is trying to arrest Jayalalithaa for political reasons, and forces her to resign. Jayalalithaa is angry about her father's death and goes to Thiruvalluvar for help. He tells her to become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. To reach that position, she accepts to get married to a man who she does not know, K. Kalyan (Kota Srinivasa Rao) after all. She asks Kalyan to make her father's murderer Vardarajan (Mammootty) release his henchman Murali (Samyuktha). He agrees, and is later arrested by the police, on Kalyan's and Jayalalithaa's orders. Jayalalithaa gets angry at her friend for getting them into this situation, and later gets married to Kalyan.




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Ayitha Ezhuthu Tamil Movie Download Torrent hazzagno

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