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Your wedding DJ is your conductor.

Yesterday at our local ILEA Cleveland luncheon, a photographer mentioned how nice it is to be able to refer a reliable DJ to a couple whose wedding she is shooting. She said that when she knows who the DJ is, she trusts that she will always be able to get the rights shots because the DJ will keep her in the loop. Often vendors, such as the wedding planner, photographer or caterer, will be pulled in different directions, so it's important that the DJ is aware of everything going on so that the wedding events stay on track.

A good DJ will serve as the conductor at your wedding. He or she will be the eyes on everything that is happening simulaneously during your reception. If dad is in the restroom, he'll make sure your first dance is pushed back a few minutes so that he doesn't miss the big moment. If the caterer needs help getting tables to the buffet, your DJ can assist on the microphone. Venue lighting too bright during open dance floor? The DJ will take care of that. Maybe you only booked your photographers until 9 PM and they still need the right shot ... your DJ will make sure they get it before leaving.

When choosing your wedding DJ, make sure that you choose somebody who plays great music AND understands the importance of keeping all the different elements of your wedding organized and flowing smoothly. Even though you may have hired a wedding planner to organize everything leading up to your big day - your DJ will often become the go-to person at the actual wedding.


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