Nick Walker

     Nick Walker is an artist born and raised in Ohio, and is as surprised as anyone by his blossoming music career. “It wasn’t until I picked up a guitar in college that I discovered this was exactly what I want to do. I was always interested in music but never thought I’d be able to make a career out of it. 
     In 2015, while in his junior year of college, he took a trip to Nashville. “Although I loved music, I didn’t even own a guitar at that point so I figured that might be a good idea,” he recalls with a laugh.
     He spent the next two years focusing on learning songs by his favorite country artists which influenced him with their country/rock style mixed with pop overtones.
     When he decided to pick up a guitar in 2017, he wanted to write songs to get a girl back, in true country style and since has released three singles and lives in Key West Florida, when he is not touring.