Few disk jockeys display creativity and versatility in a set like Keenan “Knyce” Williams. This Cleveland, Ohio native has been rocking the party scene of his hometown since 2005, with an unorthodox blend of late 90’s hip-hop, r&b, rock, funk & dancehall. A highly skilled mixer, his ear for music and talent for making songs blend together seamlessly, has led to Knyce climbing the ranks of the club scene in his city. The demands for his services have grown to include clients such as Heineken, Red Bull, Hennessy & Moet, Patron, McDonalds and more.

01. Years DJing: 19

02. Preferred DJ Set Up: S9/CDJ/Technic 1200

03. First Record: MJ “Off The Wall” 

04. Favorite Genres To Spin: Funk, Soul, RnB, HipHop

05. #1 Dance Floor Filler: Whitney House “I wanna Dance w/ Somebody”

06. Guilty Pleasure(s): Hall & Oates, Talking Heads, Michael Mcdonald

07. Slow Jam: Otis Redding “Try A Little Tenderness”

08. Best Song: Mark Morrisson  “Return Of The Mack”

09. Favorite Venue to DJ: Park Social Lounge 

10. Do Not Play: Next “Too Close”