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Bobby Booshay

Bobby uses his love of music to express himself to the fullest during his sets with an energetic performance that not only engages the crowd, but leaves them excited for more. With each set Bobby plays, he blends genres to create a mix that sets him apart from just any average DJ ... 

01.Years DJing: 8 Years

02.Preferred DJ Set Up: CDJS & DJM S9

03.First Record: Imagine by John Lennon

04.Favorite Genres To Spin: Hip Hop, EDM, Top 40 (Everything)

05.#1 Dance Floor Filler: Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

06.Guilty Pleasure(s): Nora Jones and Movie soundtracks

07.Slow Jam: Outstanding by The Gap Band

08.Best Song: I Wonder by Kanye West

09.Favorite Venue to DJ: SeeSaw Columbus

10.Do Not Play: Chicken Dance

DJ Bobby Booshay

DJ Bobby Booshay

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